High Performance mineral oil for breaking in 4 stroke race engines, with an increased level of ZDDP for extra protection.


Break-In Engine Oil10W-40PERFORMANCE MINERAL OIL FOR BREAKING-IN 4 STROKE RACE ENGINES USE Break-in4 stroke engines in performance sports cars, hot-rods, sedans, flat tappets and other high output, modified or non-modified, engines.


MEETS: API SJ/SF / CDPerforms excellently in AIR or WATER COOLED enginesBalanced friction modifiers enhance break-in efficiencyIncreased level of ZDDP (Zinc dialkyl dithio phosphate) reinforces engine protectionHigh heat and shear stable polymers maintain the optimum lubricating film and ring seal in hot running engines.Superior detergent/dispersant additive prevents deposits and keeps engine parts clean.Anti-foam additive keeps oil very stable.Two-levels of extreme pressure additives for protection of high lift cams, with or without roller bearings.


USE Break-In and running intervals: Use engine manufacturers’ requirements and change oil according to recommended running intervals.Can be mixed with synthetic or mineral lubricants.